Crystallization Waterproofing - INCAP

This system of protection and waterproofing is based on crystallization and is only for concrete structures; For any other surface or treatments based on membrane or other systems please send us an enquiry , we have more than 150 product, we have tried to keep our focus on our core products.

The Science of INCAP Technology

TECHNOKOTES line of concrete waterproofing products use a unique and proprietary blend of INCAP chemicals. INCAP is based on principles that are very similar to the processes that occur during the hydration and hardening of concrete. When cement particles are mixed with water, a chemical reaction occurs where the calcium silicates in cement combine with water to form new compounds. The new compounds are calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) and calcium hydroxide.

Only INCAP protects concrete permanently. Our revolutionary self-sealing technology and comprehensive support system transform concrete into an ever-vigilant, waterproof barrier. Short term, you’ll shave weeks off construction schedules, cut waterproofing costs by up to 40% and maximize your building footprint. Long term you’ll avoid leaks, discoloration and costly call backs. All of which explains how we can offer an industry leading 25-year warranty. And how nearly 25-year-old Technokotes projects are as dry today as when they were
first built.

Grades Available

  • INCAP ADMIX to be used during concreting while batching, it could be incorporated at the plant or at the site in the mixer
  • INCAP MOD to be used at the stage of laying, usually applied as a dry powder by broadcasting on freshly laid concrete
  • INCAP GP / CONC to be used as slurry coating from positive as well as negative side
  • INCRETE concrete crack repairing compound to be used on conjugation with INCAP GP or CONC