Soil Stabilization and Erosion Control - ECOBOND

ECOBOND is a low viscosity chemical, reactive gel or bio enzyme available as a liquid. Having almost the same viscosity as water, ECOBOND can permeate anywhere water can travel and cures within a controllable time frame anywhere from 5 seconds to ±10 hours or even days if slow curing is necessary. Once it cures, it creates an effective, long-lasting water barrier while providing superb soil stabilization. It will control ground water and stabilize soil permanently.


TECHNOKOTES line of concrete waterproofing products use a unique and proprietary blend of INCAP chemicals. INCAP is based on principles that are very similar to the processes that occur during the hydration and hardening of concrete. When cement particles are mixed with water, a chemical reaction occurs where the calcium silicates in cement combine with water to form new compounds. The new compounds are calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) and calcium hydroxide.

Grades Available


ECOBOND is available in forms of bio-enzyme, polymer reactive gel and chemical type. All three have their own advantages in certain typical soils types.

  • ECOBOND E (Enzyme based)
  • ECOBOND P (Polymer based)
  • ECOBOND G (Chemical gel based)