Asphalt Road Protection - SEALKOTE

SEALKOTE asphalt concrete rejuvenator is the best tool in the market. Using SEALKOTE as part of your regular preventive maintenance program will stretch your budget by helping to postpone or avoid these problems. SEALKOTE is an innovative technology that reduces pavement viscosity. The same application also seals the pavement from fuel, salt, water and the sun’s UV rays. Proper preventive asphalt road maintenance helps protect you from legal liability by keeping your asphalt pavement in good condition.

Asphalt concrete / Tar roads – advantages and drawbacks

At present, flexible asphalt concrete pavements are most widely used all over the world. The service life of motor roads properly constructed of hot asphalt concrete may reach 5 and more years even under conditions of intensive motor traffic.

However, the experience of maintaining and repairing motor roads shows that cracks and other defects appear on the surface of asphalt concrete pavement even during the first years of its service. Gradual ageing of the bituminous binder in asphalt concrete more and more intensifies the arising destructive processes, and all this results in losing the motor road performance properties and in the need for repair.

The main destructive factors of asphalt concrete are the action of water, temperature fluctuations, and ultraviolet radiation. Such destructive actions, combined with the action of traffic load and vehicle wheels, result in a considerable intensification of the pavement destruction processes. .

Grades Available

  • SEALKOTE SB – Asphalt protection coating
  • SEALKOTE SUPER – Asphalt protection coating unmodified
  • SEAKOTE CRACK – Asphalt crack repair compound
  • SEALKOTE M – Metal protection coating compound based on bitumen
  • SEALKOTE PATCH – Asphalt patching compound
  • SEALKOTE W – Polymer modified bitumen emulsion for concrete
  • SEALKOTE S – Bitumen based sealant for concrete and metal