Concrete Densifier and Protection – PROTEX

TECHNOKOTES brings to you an innovative, attractive, durable, and maintenance free flooring systems other than tiling, resinous (epoxy, PU, acrylic vinyl etc). We take pride in the flooring systems we provide for our clients throughout India. These flooring systems are more cost efficient than many other options, while also providing a wide array of benefits. The process is simple and straightforward, and comes in the following ways:

  • Direct grinding and polishing concrete with a densifiers for natural finish
  • Polymer concrete screeding and polishing and
  • Micro concrete laying in multi colours and finishing all will leave you with a great looking floor systems

Grades Available

  • TECHNOCLIN – Surface cleaning compound for all surfaces
  • TECHNORUST – Rust converter and corrosion inhibitor
  • TECHNOBUILD PCI – Mitigating corrosion inhibiting concrete admixture
  • TECHNOBUILD PCI 200 – Mitigating corrosion inhibiting concrete admixture
  • TECHNOBUILD PCI 220 – Mitigating corrosion inhibiting concrete admixture
  • EPIKOTE SF200 – Epoxy solvent free primer and protection coating for metal and concrete
  • TECHKRYL 100 – Acrylic based primer for concrete
  • INCRETE 50M – Micro concrete
  • INCRETE PM – Polymer modified micro concrete
  • INCRETE PMR – Rapid setting polymer modified micro concrete
  • ULTRA TOPKOTE – Thin set polishable overlayment for concrete surface
  • INCRETE INTONACO – Universal repair and patching compound for concrete and masonry surface
  • INCAP PATCH – Concrete repair based on crystalline technology
  • URIKOTE LV – Low viscosity polyurethane pressure grouting compound
  • EPIKOTE LV – Low viscosity epoxy pressure grouting compound
  • INCAP GROUT – Pressure grouting compound based on crystallization technology
  • URIGEL – Polyurethane based grouting and stabilizing compound
  • EPIGEL – Epoxy based grouting and stabilizing compound
  • SILIGEL – Liquid silica based grouting and stabilizing compound
  • INCAP – Concrete repair based on crystalline technology
  • PROTEX – Waterproofing and concrete protection based on crystallization technology
  • TECHKRYL 300 AND 400 – Polymer modified cementitious waterproofing and protection coating
  • UREKOTE 600 – Polyurethane based very high solids ultra flexible coating