Concrete Repair and Protection

Concrete Corrosion Protection - PCI Penetrative Corrosion Inhibitor PCI - "Double or triple the service life of any concrete structures" TECHNOKOTES PCI (Penetrating Corrosion Inhibitors) technology protects reinforcing metal in concrete from corrosion. PCIs rehabilitate existing concrete structures and extend the life span of new structures. Often, corroding rebar in deteriorating concrete is the cause [...]

Concrete Polishing & Floor Protection

Concrete Densifier and Protection – PROTEX TECHNOKOTES brings to you an innovative, attractive, durable, and maintenance free flooring systems other than tiling, resinous (epoxy, PU, acrylic vinyl etc). We take pride in the flooring systems we provide for our clients throughout India. These flooring systems are more cost efficient than many other options, while also [...]

Soil Stabilization

Soil Stabilization and Erosion Control - ECOBOND ECOBOND is a low viscosity chemical, reactive gel or bio enzyme available as a liquid. Having almost the same viscosity as water, ECOBOND can permeate anywhere water can travel and cures within a controllable time frame anywhere from 5 seconds to ±10 hours or even days if slow [...]

Road Protection

Asphalt Road Protection - SEALKOTE SEALKOTE asphalt concrete rejuvenator is the best tool in the market. Using SEALKOTE as part of your regular preventive maintenance program will stretch your budget by helping to postpone or avoid these problems. SEALKOTE is an innovative technology that reduces pavement viscosity. The same application also seals the pavement from [...]


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