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Protection and repair products for real estate and construction sector.


Waterproofing and protection technology for Marine Structures
We provide quality solutions to a large cross-section of Industries
having a varied work environment.

About Technokotes


We have grown from an application-based company to complete solution providers in structural and concrete protection systems.

Technokotes today has the product backing, technical expertise, skilled workmanship and a competent research team to provide extensive and flexible solutions for all your concrete protection, industrial coatings and protection needs. We are based into construction chemicals with crystallization concrete protective products as the core business with a capacity to manufacture 1000 M.Tons per month.

Market Sectors

Construction & Enginnering

Concrete Repair and Rehabilitation
Protection, prevention and repair of common concrete and
masonry related distress.


Protection and Repair
Meet today’s demands for a penetrating sealer / binder for existing asphalt pavement.

Soil Stabilization

Stabilization and Erosion Control
Changing the physical properties of soil to improve its strength and

Concrete Protection

Increasing life of concrete
PCIs rehabilitate existing concrete structures and extend the life span of new structures.

Corrosion Protection

Less concrete deterioration
Cement Prep
PCIs rehabilitate existing concrete structures and extend the life span of new structures.

Concrete Polishing

Stabilization and Erosion Control
Concrete polishing_001

These flooring systems are more cost efficient than many other options

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